About Us

About Us

Jiangxi Darwin Pen Making Co。, Ltd。 was founded in 1996。 Yiwu Company is under the flag of Jiangxi Darwin Pen Making Co。, Ltd。 Darwin is an industrial and trade company that integrates core research and development, production and sales。 Among many pen-making companies, Darwin has developed into the most potential team with the spirit of youth, innovation, solidarity and cooperation, and striving for progress。 Within a short period of four years, Darwin has rapidly developed into the core team of pen-making industry。

The company is mainly engaged in pen and cross-border e-commerce sales. It has R&D department, production department and sales department. Under the close cooperation of sales department, production department, R&D department and the overall management of the general manager, all staff have developed steadily and made good progress. Not only that, in the second half of 2015, through the research and development of the company's technology department, the company successfully solved many problems in the history of pens, successfully solved the customer complaints about degumming drop and other issues, and won a number of patents in 2017.

All along, Darwin insisted on the strategy of talent and built a platform, which provided broad space for colleagues and enterprises to develop. He constantly recruited talents from all walks of life, and formed an excellent team to revitalize China's graduation, shoulder the mission of benefiting the society, join hands and work together to build a happy future.

In the future, Darwin will be more professional service, more excellent products, more perfect system, constantly improve industry standards, create a charming team, bring Chinese creation to the world, become the pride of Chinese pen making, and become a respected happy enterprise.








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